issuing time :2019-10-24

       On September 7, the 2019 World Internet of Things Expo, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Jiangsu Provincial Government, was grandly opened in Wuxi. As a wind vane and booster for the development of the global Internet of Things industry, high specifications, high gold content, and high heat are still standard.

      In the four-day "World Expo Time", around the theme of "Integration, Innovation, and All Things," one summit, one exhibition, one awards ceremony, 10 forums, and 14 series of events were staged in Wuxi. The total number of visitors and experience was 195,700. A total of 199 journalists from 92 media groups joined forces to present their grand occasion. As of 4 pm on September 10, the Expo reported a total of 1.228 billion.

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